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LOVE IT! Fantastic Christian Fiction! September 7, 2010

By Dr A. Nyland (Australia)

I loved this book and in fact read it from start to finish without putting it down. This is far from a cliche Christian horror book, fascinating at all times and never superficial or namby-pamby. It will appeal to those interested in spiritual warfare and those after a really good read alike. Twisted Christians kept up a fast pace throughout. It was "real" and not heavily censored for the Christian market, a major plus in my view. I see some reviewers have commented on the theology, but there are many different denominations and beliefs within Christianity, yet all are Christ-centered. This is a work of fiction not a theological textbook and to me excels as such. I can easily see it translated to the big screen.
Those who like Frank Peretti will love this book! Highly recommended. I can't wait for the next book by Scott Meade.

Dr A. Nyland, translator
The Source New Testament With Extensive Notes On Greek Word Meaning

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Classic good versus evil! June 25, 2010

By SRMeyers (PA, USA)

Don't let the title or the cover art scare you away. This book definitely fits in the category of Christian fiction.

This is a must read novel by a new author. Although Scott classifies the book in the "horror" genre, I would classify it as a classic example of spiritual warfare. It shows the depth of depravity rampant in the world today and the struggles Christians have between satisfying the flesh and living a spiritual life approved by God. Through his choice of characters, Scott shows that although we have sins in our lives, we can indeed overcome and become spiritual warriors for Christ. The characters are well-developed and believable. The heroes are ordinary people (for the most part) whom the reader can get behind by feeling their emotions and sharing in their struggles. The plot is fast-paced and keeps the reader wanting to stay up late at night to find out what happens next.

I place Scott Meade within the ranks of other Christian authors who write similar stories. If you enjoy books by Frank Peretti, add Scott Meade and "Twisted Christians" to your reading list.

Great book Scott! I hope there are many more to come.

- Sheila Rae Myers, Author of the Detective Jake series

Spiritual warfare described in fiction, or is it?
June 18, 2010

By Joanne Lyons (Hollywood, FL)

"Twisted Christians" was fantastically written. Character development is great. I was already interested when suddenly I was surprised, and then I couldn't stop turning the pages. This could make a great movie someday complete with musical sound track. The audio and video was already playing in my head as I was reading due to Scott Meade's artistic way of placing it there. For some this is great sci-fi paranormal fiction and for others it's a real depiction of the spirit world and spiritual warfare. No matter whether you believe or not, you will want to read Twisted Christians to find out what makes them twisted.

- Joanne Lyons, author of Healing After Divorce...It's About Time!

Great book June 7, 2010


By Holly DeHaven (WV United States)

I enjoyed reading "Twisted Christians". Very fast read. Seems to hit on what is going on in the world today. The battle of good vs evil. The end left me wanting more. I loved the use of music & bands in the book. It was something I could relate to. Props to Scott Meade for making his dreams of becoming a published author come true.

A Great Read May 25, 2010

By Ann Peterson (Linden, VA USA)

This was a good book. The story was not at all what I expected after viewing the cover. God does work in mysterious ways. Its a quick read that is well written and researched. The ending leaves you wanting more.

Finding God in a twisted world... March 11, 2010

By Vidiot (Virginia, USA)

Twisted Christians follows many interesting characters through journeys of discovery. Discovering things about themselves, about their friends, about the forces of evil at work in the world twisting and manipulating our lives, and most importantly about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Mr. Meade uses modern technologies and settings to tell his story from a perspective that most people can relate to. Graphic storytelling with vivid descriptions make for a very interesting read. Some situations are not appropriate for children but no one said this was a kids book. In Twisted Christians we get to see how these evil forces are planning and plotting to corrupt us and lead our lives away from God. We also get to see that Christians can fight back and that we can all be saved through Jesus.

As his first published novel, Twisted Christians is a very impressive start to what is sure to be a successful career as a writer for Mr. Meade. I applaud this work for bringing praise to our Lord and savior. I am giving two big thumbs up for Twisted Christians.

Not for the faint hearted March 9, 2010

By J. Knott (Brandon, FL)

Ok all... I have read the book. Scott and I have talked as discerning brothers in Christ, and agree. The book is good! It's a fast read and a little graphic (not for the kids (mild sexual content)). It definitely shows the attitudes of people in current times and the biblical results of their choices. We do have some theological differences that are referenced in the story, but the bottom line it glorifies God and Christ. Scott is an excellent story teller, able to use real life as needed. It is emotionally moving to the Christian and hopefully eye opening to the non-believer.

In Christ

- Jamie (J. I. L.)

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