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Twisted Christians: A Brief Synopsis:

 Twisted Christians is a story of spiritual warfare. It exposes the realm of the spirit world, where demons manipulate the minds of nonbelievers and Christians alike. It is a story that relates to biblical prophecies as well as paranormal activity and the world of the occult.

Sam Johnson's prayer for guidance not only introduces him to the world of spiritual warfare, but it also changes the course of events throughout the Northern Virginia area. Not to mention that the prayer also invokes the wrath of Lucifer—the ancient fallen angel and leader of the rebellion against Yahweh, also known as God. Sam becomes a target for demonic attack.

Paul Taylor is a Messianic Jew who befriends Sam. Paul’s views on the Bible help Sam to make more sense of the Holy Scriptures, which seem to conflict with the teachings of his church. As with any person who diligently researches the Holy Scriptures, Sam finds himself struggling to separate the spirit from the flesh.

Bill Thorougood is the president and CEO of Vodoun Technologies, Inc. Born in Europe, he now lives in a mansion located in the outskirts of Winchester, Virginia. He is a mysterious man whose ties with the United Nations lead to the installation of 2,048-bit encrypted microchips on all computers' motherboards and in cellular phones and other RF devices.

Brian Stultz is a computer hacker who is known throughout the computer underground as Cybermancer. His recent challenge by his colleague, Dark_Impress, is to crack the uncrackable 2,048-bit encryption chip created by Vodoun Technologies. What he discovers within the microchip is that the first 16 bits of binary code within the PROM area contains the string 0000001010011010—translated 666 in decimal form.

Dr. Jacqueline Rich is a parapsychologist and independent government contractor whose Top Secret affiliation with the Department of Defense's National Reconnaissance Office leads her on her own spiritual journey. Her employee, Roger Gibson, is gifted with the ability to project his astral body into the spirit world. Their latest research and development techniques prove to be useful in espionage, but deadly as they learn more about the creatures who dwell in the astral plane.

Christie Sloan was a Catholic until she was excommunicated from the Church for divorcing her abusive husband. She later became a white witch, practicing Wicca. Her taste of power led her into black magic, and she became a necromancer's apprentice. Conjuring demons has a way of causing her to black out and lose vital memories.

Sancho was a fallen angel. Joining the rebellion against Yahweh, he became one of Lucifer’s top demons. His mission was simple: spread adultery and promiscuous sex throughout all of Mexico. But one night while wandering around the east coast of the United States, he met a little girl who reminded him of the innocence of his past. The next two decades would prove to be the hardest for him, as the girl matured into a beautiful woman and his only desire would be to please her.

About the Author:

 Scott Meade was born in Winchester, Virginia, in 1970. He has played guitar for several heavy metal bands since the 1980's. Mr. Meade has enjoyed various types of professions throughout his lifetime. Some of his past employment adventures include antique furniture restoration, construction laborer, factory worker, yard jockey, library assistant, computer systems administrator, computer malicious code mitigation lead, and owner of a computer repair business.

His lifelong history of real-life encounters with demonic forces and spiritual warfare had eventually led him to becoming a believer in God. His first novel, Twisted Christians, is partly based on some true events in which he had experienced. His goal with his first novel was to make the story as outlandish and entertaining as possible, while also making it appealing and believable, with a focus on developing realistic characters with life-like personalities for a wide audience to identify with. But his taste in music also shows in his writings. Mr. Meade loves to read a good novel with a "soundtrack" and he delivers a mental soundtrack with Twisted Christians, introducing several unsigned bands-who requested to be mentioned in his first novel. His writing style is driven by the words of Horror writer, J. Michael Straczynski: "Write the book that you want to read." These words are what make Twisted Christians stand out from the other Christian horror books on the market. These words are what make Scott Meade stand out from the other Christian horror writers in the field.

Scott Meade is currently working on four novels: The Shadow People, Deadbeat Dad, The House on Hollingsworth, and Twisted Christians II: The New World Order.

Special note: Several bands are part of the Twisted Christians story. Scott Meade posted a blog on his MySpace page on January 1, 2010, offering unsigned bands to be mentioned in exchange for those bands to mention his book during their live shows. Those bands are Kixmet (India), Ripchain, Hellfire, The Last, The DUIs, Shredding Terror, and Barcode. Scott's cousin's band, 25 Ta Life (back ta basics RECORDS WORLDWIDE), have also joined in to help.


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